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(ଓମ୍ ନାମ ଶିବୟା |) Om Namah Shivaay everyone and today we have posted Lingashtakam Lyrics in Odia/Oriya. Lingashtakam is the very power ashtak of Lord Shiva.

The person who reads it will get all blessing and love from Divine Lord Shiv himself. But make sure while reading this stotram you should have full faith in Bholenath and you have to read and recite this stotram full heartily with devotion.

And read this stotram every day to get all the blessing and benefits of reading Lingashtakam. And if you were able to make Bholenath happy then you are the king, you get anything you want in your life, anything you desire. All your wishes will be fulfilled by the grace of Divine lord Shiv.

(ଲିଂଗାଷ୍ଟକମ୍) Lingashtakam Stotram Lyrics In Odia/Oriya

ବ୍ରହ୍ମମୁରାରି ସୁରାର୍ଚିତ ଲିଂଗଂ
ନିର୍ମଲଭାସିତ ଶୋଭିତ ଲିଂଗମ୍ |
ଜନ୍ମଜ ଦୁଃଖ ଵିନାଶକ ଲିଂଗଂ
ତତ୍ପ୍ରଣମାମି ସଦାଶିଵ ଲିଂଗମ୍ ‖ 1 ‖

ଦେଵମୁନି ପ୍ରଵରାର୍ଚିତ ଲିଂଗଂ
କାମଦହନ କରୁଣାକର ଲିଂଗମ୍ |
ରାଵଣ ଦର୍ପ ଵିନାଶନ ଲିଂଗଂ
ତତ୍ପ୍ରଣମାମି ସଦାଶିଵ ଲିଂଗମ୍ ‖ 2 ‖

ସର୍ଵ ସୁଗଂଧ ସୁଲେପିତ ଲିଂଗଂ
ବୁଦ୍ଧି ଵିଵର୍ଧନ କାରଣ ଲିଂଗମ୍ |
ସିଦ୍ଧ ସୁରାସୁର ଵଂଦିତ ଲିଂଗଂ
ତତ୍ପ୍ରଣମାମି ସଦାଶିଵ ଲିଂଗମ୍ ‖ 3 ‖

କନକ ମହାମଣି ଭୂଷିତ ଲିଂଗଂ
ଫଣିପତି ଵେଷ୍ଟିତ ଶୋଭିତ ଲିଂଗମ୍ |
ଦକ୍ଷସୁଯଜ୍ଞ ଵିନାଶନ ଲିଂଗଂ
ତତ୍ପ୍ରଣମାମି ସଦାଶିଵ ଲିଂଗମ୍ ‖ 4 ‖

କୁଂକୁମ ଚଂଦନ ଲେପିତ ଲିଂଗଂ
ପଂକଜ ହାର ସୁଶୋଭିତ ଲିଂଗମ୍ |
ସଂଚିତ ପାପ ଵିନାଶନ ଲିଂଗଂ
ତତ୍ପ୍ରଣମାମି ସଦାଶିଵ ଲିଂଗମ୍ ‖ 5 ‖

ଦେଵଗଣାର୍ଚିତ ସେଵିତ ଲିଂଗଂ
ଭାଵୈ-ର୍ଭକ୍ତିଭିରେଵ ଚ ଲିଂଗମ୍ |
ଦିନକର କୋଟି ପ୍ରଭାକର ଲିଂଗଂ
ତତ୍ପ୍ରଣମାମି ସଦାଶିଵ ଲିଂଗମ୍ ‖ 6 ‖

ଅଷ୍ଟଦଳୋପରିଵେଷ୍ଟିତ ଲିଂଗଂ
ସର୍ଵସମୁଦ୍ଭଵ କାରଣ ଲିଂଗମ୍ |
ଅଷ୍ଟଦରିଦ୍ର ଵିନାଶନ ଲିଂଗଂ
ତତ୍ପ୍ରଣମାମି ସଦାଶିଵ ଲିଂଗମ୍ ‖ 7 ‖

ସୁରଗୁରୁ ସୁରଵର ପୂଜିତ ଲିଂଗଂ
ସୁରଵନ ପୁଷ୍ପ ସଦାର୍ଚିତ ଲିଂଗମ୍ |
ପରାତ୍ପରଂ (ପରମପଦଂ) ପରମାତ୍ମକ ଲିଂଗଂ
ତତ୍ପ୍ରଣମାମି ସଦାଶିଵ ଲିଂଗମ୍ ‖ 8 ‖

ଲିଂଗାଷ୍ଟକମିଦଂ ପୁଣ୍ଯଂ ଯଃ ପଠେଶ୍ଶିଵ ସନ୍ନିଧୌ |
ଶିଵଲୋକମଵାପ୍ନୋତି ଶିଵେନ ସହ ମୋଦତେ


shree Lingashtakam Lyrics in Hindi, English, Tamil, telugu, kannada, malayalam, odia, gujarati, bengali, with pdf and meaning

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So Now as you have completed reading Lingashtakam Lyrics in Odia/Oriya, you must have known the benefits of reading this ashtakam.

This time we did Lingashtakam in Oriya and if you want to read it in any other language then you can find it here on this website. And we also added features to download Lingashtakam Odia/Oriya lyrics in PDF and Mp3 song format.

And for any queries comment down below:).

Blessings: After Reading Lingastakam may Lord Shiva gives you all the blessings, happiness, love, and dream and desires you want in your life. And if you want your friends and family members to also get blessed by the Bholenath then you must share it with them.

**ଓମ୍ ନାମ ଶିବୟା |**

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